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A different approach

Standards in Work Service

we adhere to international accepted standards in the underwater works services that guarantee the reliability and credential qualities

Environment Compliance Policy

MarineTec is committed to minimizing any possible action that may endanger or harm the environment

The company and its employees comply with all application standards and procedures to prevent pollution or any environmental damages

HSE-Q Policy

The company shall at all time promotes the positive development of personnel, their health, safety and work towards the prevention of any degradation of the environment

For ensuring effective services to the satisfaction of the customers and its organization


Onshore Line Services

Offshore Line Services

Underwater Ship Maintenance

Civil Works


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Sun – Thu :  8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Office # 75, Al maamour Building, 7th Floor, Galah

PO BOX 235, PC 134, Jawharat Al Shatti

Sultanate of Oman



+968 2422 2413